Maine Golfing Lessons

Maine golf lesson instrutorJack Kelly

A PGA Class A Professional with over 26 years of experience teaching and playing golf.

During a career spanning over 30 years in the golf industry, he has formulated a broad based repertoire and instruction belief system. Jack believes there is no one swing model that fits everyone. The principals of a good golf swing however do apply and it is the communication, interaction and experience, between coach and player, which is the key to improvement.

Jack has worked with golfers of all abilities during his career and believes lessons are the best environment for a player to grow and learn the game to a higher level. Through personal training and instruction each player can unlock their own limitations and enjoy striving and reaching for their potential.

Dr. John Hayes’ Golf Fitness and Performance Enhancement Program

The Dr. John Hayes’ Golf Fitness and Performance Enhancement Program was designed for the purpose of helping golfers play their best. This is accomplished by analyzing the golfer’s physical limitations, correcting them utilizing various body-work techniques, and then applying flexibility and strength exercises. By evaluating the different components of the golfer’s individual swing in conjunction with his or her unique strengths and weaknesses, an individualized program is designed to increase flexibility, range of motion and strength to enhance their ability to play at their best. The program includes tips on preventing lower back pain, help in correcting swing fault and preventing injury, and encouraging overall golf performance.

Our role is to biochemically interact with the golfer to improve the golf swing, prevent injuries and reduce back pain by aiming the program to specific muscles that control the golf swing. You can buy the best golf equipment that is manufactured today, but until you take care of the most important piece of equipment you own YOUR BODY you can’t play at peak performance.

Dr. John Hayes
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